An Inspiring Story of “Sweet Looking” Mama June as she shares her weight loss Journey

Mama June New Look

It will be quite difficult to get an inspiring weight loss success that beats that of Mama June. She is a 37-year old TLC’s reality TV star of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show, the most famous show ever aired on the media platform. Shedding off 300 lbs of body weight on reality TV is a feat everyone would want to catch a glimpse of. Is it the work of phentermine drug? Find out as you read on.

I wished the show wasn’t cancelled, but unfortunately it was due to an awful scandal. Comparing Mama June new look with her former, you will agree that her absolute transformation is a new record that needs to be broken.

The reason why the show was cancelled

Scandals are a common occurrence in Hollywood and it has proven difficult to curtail. While some could be a cheating husband caught flirting around with other ladies, another could be a man molesting his child. The later could be not too serious of a case, but the former could be the reason why your show is being cancelled.

Mama June and her husband got separated, then she hooked up with a new guy

Barely few weeks after she and her hubby, Mike Thompson A.K.A Sugar Bean announced to the public that they are going their separate ways, Mama June wasted no time before she got herself a new “sweetheart” she thought she could rely on.

Unfortunately, she met a child molester unknown to her

Countless number of heinous acts have been witnessed on the internet, and most of them can be forgiven over time but definitely not child molestation. Child molestation is a sensitive case that even rubs the relatives of the convicted, exposing them to attacks from the internet.

TLC tried their possible best to offer damage control as par the Honey Boo Boo show, but little could be done

A lot of people following the show were not happy with the form of exploitation been aired to them on the show. But when it became known to the public what was happening on the show, it was a no-no and it took no time before it was cancelled.

TLC looked for a way to exonerate themselves from the scandal

Barely 24 hours after the child molester, Mark McDaniel was imprisoned, TLC pulled out of the Honey Boo Boo Show in order not to damage their image. This is a common practice with large corporations.

After the show was cancelled

Obviously, the end of one reality show doesn’t mean the end of them all. The former show was quickly replaced with another, but most fans wished Mama June & family had stayed for a while before fading away completely.

Mama June remained adamant on giving up on the reality show

Unmoved by all the scandals and troubles that came up from the Honey Boo Boo TV show, Mama June fought her way back into Hollywood to revive her reality TV show. But this time, on another network platform known as We TV. At this time, the over 400 pound Mama June had decided to appear smart and sexy to her viewers – hence her weight loss journey began!

Mama June: From Not to Hot

Her doggedness paid off! Her show was revived, but this time, it came with another name, Mama June: From Not to Hot. Her first documentaries was how she fought with obesity, dieting, surgeries, etc.

Her transformation took just two months

Within just two months, Mama June new look became a wonder to the general public. She has shed off 300+ and looked smart and sexy. All these feats were documented from beginning to end and aired in her new show. It was really a great job from her personal trainers, doctors, motivators, and chefs, cutting her off from her old lifestyle. Most people, after reading phentermine review, believed it was the pill that helped her out. But she refused to disclose if it was phentermine or not.

Mama June Tried to keep up with her new “sweet” look

While it is quite difficult for most weight losers to maintain their new body shape, Mama June was an exceptional. She put in all effort to stay slim and she managed to achieve that. “This is definitely the work of phentermine” most people say.

Mama June was an inspiration to her eleven year old daughter

Mama June’s little daughter couldn’t hide her admiration for her mother’s determination to shave off a huge amount of pounds. She got inspired and began her own transformation journey to shed off some pounds too. Though according to her, she said she’s in no obligation to achieve exactly what her mum did.

The motivating factor behind Mama June’s transformation

Mama June labeled her body transformation the REVENGE BODY. It was actually meant to hit back at her ex.

Were TLC right to have cancelled the show?

No doubt, Mama June showed the brave side of her by fighting her way back into limelight and accomplishing the uncommon weight loss transformation feat. However, it is not proper for the internet to witch hunt a person because of the sins committed by family members. This is definitely an inspiration coming from a controversial family.

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