Builderall Review


Builderall Review

My Builderall Review will help you to know all the features that’s contained in this software. After reading you can tell if you need Builderall to scale your business or not.

Builderall is a software company that is located in Orlando, United States. The CEO of the company is Erick Salgado and the firm has been running since 2011. Below is my builderall review.

The sole aim of the company is to offer entrepreneurs one single tool that will help them achieve online victory easily and effortlessly. They also considered builderall pricing and its simplicity so that any newbie can swiftly benefit from it. The question now is, are all this features present in the software? This builderall reviews will determine the answer.

Builderall Review
Builderall Review

Builder All Reviews: What is Builderall?

Even if I haven’t spent 10 years in digital marketing, I know that there are tons of tools, plugins and services out there you need to put up a successful online business. You probably need at least 5 of these tools to setup a good business.

Now, instead of spending a lot of cash getting all these tools, you can easily get them from one place. This is the reason builderall was born.

Builderall Review
Builderall Review

Builderall is a marketing platform that contains all the necessary tools you need to build a flourishing online business empire. In my own terms, I call it the “Almighty Formula for Online Success.”

From website builder, landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, heat maps, analytics, click maps auto-responder, and many more to benefit from this tool. I believe you know that getting all this resources will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly. To make matter worse, your website might be compromised by any of the third-party plugins, leaving you stranded. Is builderall the best solution to these issues? We’ll see as we go further in this review.

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Who needs Builderall?

If you have anything to do with online business then this tool is highly recommended to you. This tool was designed to make things easier for online business individuals and digital marketers who have busy schedules.

If you think you don’t need it for your business, don’t worry, I’ll show you some pretty nice ways to benefit from this software.

People are making between $1,000 and $10,000 monthly through the means I’m going to show you.

Builderall Review: What are the Features of Builderall Software?

We have said some few things about builderall and the set of people that need it. Now, let’s take a look at the inside of this software to see what it contains.

Builderall Review
Builderall Review


Responsive Builder

Building a well optimized website has never been made as easy as this. With just a drag and drop, you can easily and quickly build your website or blog. What makes this feature more thrilling is that you can create iOS and Android applications and make them accessible for download online.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels

Surprisingly, with builderall, and by spending just $29.99 per month, you can achieve everything clickfunnels have to offer.

From niche funnels, landing pages, sales pages, opt-in page and more features.

Mailing Boss

Like I said earlier, builder all comes with everything you need to be successful in online business. An auto-responder comes with this package so you don’t have to pay for any monthly fees for sending emails.

The mailing boss can take up to 10,000 subscribers without any fluff in delivering your content. You know what it will cost you monthly to get an autoresponder of 10,000 subscribers.

Here is a link to start your free business with builder all software 


In just few minutes, you can create floating and animated videos to engage your audience. I believe you know the importance of videos in today’s online ventures.


Make your video presentations breathtaking by creating wow designs through builderall software.


When it comes to using this tool, you can never be left in the dark. All the tutorials you need to maximize the benefits of this software are made available to you. You can also get support from the builderall team whenever you need help.


Builderall Review
Builderall Review


This may sound surprising to you but I have to say it. With Builderall, you can build your App in just few minutes of few clicks.

To show heat maps and click maps, it will cost you around $180/month using software such as CrayEgg.

You know what it cost to create Facebook app also.

Furthermore, using proofs which shows that there’re real customers will take out from you additional $25 per month.

All these can be easily sorted out by buying the builderall software.

Builderall vs WordPress

There is no much to tell you about these two powerful website builders. Though WordPress is more popular, there are tons of benefits you get from builderall that are not available on WordPress.

Builderall Review
Builderall Review


Builderall 2-Tier Commercial Licence

Under this package, you will learn how to use some key elements to build and sustain your online venture. Below are what you require:

  • Sales Funnels
  • A list of ready-to-buy buyers
  • Automation to keep in touch with your audience
  • Leveraging profit by building honest relationship with customers
  • Leveraging sales from sales, down sales OTS & dime sales
  • Recurring revenues. Just make your first sale and enjoy endless profit.

Benefits of Builderall 2-tier Commercial License

Builderall Review
Builderall Review


If you still remember, I talked about how you can still benefit from this software as an affiliate. Well, you can build your own team and benefit from every customers you bring to builderall. People are raking in thousands of dollars every month just by this method.

Check out the builderall software here!

Here are success stories from builderall community

Builderall Review
Builderall Review


Builderall Pricing

Builderall Basic Membership: $9.90 per month for Website Builder

$29.99 per month for digital marketing

Builderall 2-Tier Commercial License: 49.90 per month.

There is also an annual payment system for any of the packages you choose and you enjoy amazing discount from it.

People are making thousands of dollars already…….

Builderall Review
Builderall Review



From this my Builderall review, I have nothing more than saying builderall is an opportunity every online business should have. Apart from making things more organized and quicker for you, it saves you from spending a whole lot every month. So from my own point of view, the builderall software is worth the hype.

You can drop a comment below if your are clear with anything and I will gladly respond to it.

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