How To Become A Fashion Icon On Instagram

How To Become A Fashion Icon On Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest online social media platform with over two hundred million active users. If you are specialized in fashion and you are aspiring to become a fashion icon on Instagram then there are some key factors to bear in mind.

Becoming a fashion icon on Instagram requires dedication, innovation, smartness, and time. Building your iconic profile on Instagram don’t just happen overnight. If you are looking at building your brand and gaining a solid and large fan base, then you must work harder and be patient before you start seeing results.

Below are some of the things you need to get right to become a fashion icon on Instagram:

Have a unique brand name

If you are aspiring to become famous on Instagram then having a brand name is not negotiable. This name is what your potential fans and the world at large will know you for. When talking about brand name, it doesn’t mean choosing a name carelessly. Your brand name must reflect your fashion concept and it must be simple and catchy. Please don’t take this brand name as a trivia matter because it could be the difference between a fashion icon and an ordinary fashionista on Instagram.

Upload an astonishing profile photo and fill all details on your profile

After choosing an easy-to-remember brand name, the next good thing to do is to upload an eye-catching photo. This may not necessarily be your real picture but it must portray something related to fashion and your brand. So each time you comment on other fashion profiles, your profile will always stand out, causing other users to check out your profile.

Also, you can make your profile professional by filling every necessary details needed on the platform. This will pass a positive message to Instagram users that you are serious about what you are doing.

Be original

Truth be told, you ain’t going nowhere if all you do is to copy others content and post on your feed. To become a fashion Icon, you must be ready to create original and captivating content. The fans you are trying to capture are already loyal to some of the top fashion icons on Instagram. So it would be absurd of you if you think you can capture those fans simply by posting content that’s already posted by their icons. Content is king, so you must put this in mind to become big on Instagram.

Dynamism and creativity are other great features that makes you original in the fashion world. Try to go abstract and come out with things that are completely out of the box. This way, users will have no choice than to stick with you to see what you’re up to next.

Be an active Instagram users

While you have a catchy brand name, a complete profile and a captivating photo in place, it is as good as useless if you don’t have enough information for your followers. Most fashion icons on Instagram are always active and engage with their fans regularly. With the new Instagram news feed, many smart people are taking advantage of it to draw more followers to their page. All you have to do is visit instagram icons in the fashion niche and keep commenting (not spamming) on their posts. If they eventually like your comment, it brings your profile into limelight and people can see and interact with you if it’s worth it.

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