How To Increase Breast Size (No Surgery)

You will see how to increase breast size without surgery as you read through this article

How to increase breast size is one of the most popular searches among women of all ages. Why is this so? As a woman, having all the curves makes you look more attractive and confident.

Before we look at how to enhance breast size without surgery, it is important that we know some facts.

There are a number of factors that determine your breast size – body weight, genetics, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, your breast size can be enhanced naturally if you do the right thing.

How To Increase Breast Size
How To Increase Breast Size

There are a lot ways to increase breast size. While some methods are safe, others are too risky for me to recommend to anyone.

Below are some reasons why I don't recommend breast enhancement through surgery.

Risk Factors associated with Breast Enhancement Through Surgery

How To Increase Breast Size
How To Increase Breast Size

When it comes to how to increase breast size through surgery, a lot of women have been successful. However, it is not a rare thing for one to experience complications. These complication can occur during the operation or after.

Generally, there are risk factors associated with any surgery, so breast enlargement surgery is not left out. You will be pre-informed by your surgeon about all the risks involved before going on with the surgery. Things like excessive bleeding, unanticipated reaction to anaesthetics or even blood clotting are some of the complications that may arise.


In the process of the surgery, your breast can get infected. This will cause your breast to be swollen, tender and red. This may also affect your general health status. This can be corrected by taking antibiotics, but the implant will have to removed and replaced with another.


Although this is somewhat rare, study has shown that breast implant is linked to cancer. There are still further studies going on to ascertain what implant is affected. Meanwhile, your surgeon will tell you about the risk of cancer if you are opting for the surgery.

Capsular Contracture

It is not uncommon to see scars around implants after surgery. For your breast to be firmer, there need to be incision. If not done properly, the scar may make your breast look abnormal and also feel tender. For this cause, another surgical session might be needed to make corrections.


Bleeding can occur around the implant after surgery. This condition is known as haematoma and it may cause the breast to become very tight and swollen. Another surgery may be required to get rid of the excess blood around the implant and to halt the bleeding completely.


Sensitivity is another common thing that happens after breast enlargement surgery. This usually affects your nipple and breast skin. But with time, the whole thing should become normal again. If your nipple becomes non-sensitive as a result of the surgery, it may become permanent.

So the question I keep asking is, why go through these risks when surgery is not the only way to enhance your breast size?

The Best Way on How To Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

When it comes to increasing breast size, going natural is what I recommend for women. Why go through pain (surgery) when there are other safe and natural way to achieve even better results.

Now, you will see different products online claiming to be made of natural ingredients. Choosing the best product may be a daunting task for you because you are not sure about it . This is why I have put up this write-up for you.

The best way to know a product that works fine is by reading reviews from users of that product. I have taken out time to make proper research on how to increase breast size.

From my research, BreastActives is the deal if you are looking for how to increase breast size safely.

How To Increase Breast Size
How To Increase Breast Size

How To Increase Breast Size With BreastActives

BreastActives comes in form of supplements and cream. The supplement contains progestin and estrogen which help to increase breast size safely.

What makes BreastActives better is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Using this product can increase your breast size up to two cup sizes in few weeks.

Testimonials is the best way to know about the genuinity of a product.

Here's what people are saying about BreastActives:

How To Increase Breast Size

Visit BreastActives page to see more about the product.


Having firm and big breasts brings out the curves in you, which makes you look sexy and confident.

Although there are different ways on how to increase breast size, some methods are not safe.

bust enlargement through surgery is full of risks, thus I don't recommend it to people.

If you are searching for how to increase breast size without surgery, I recommend using natural products. One of the best natural product you should consider is breastActives.

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