Master nodes are computer servers, setup to serve the users of a particular cryptocurrency. To say it simply, a Master node helps to maintain the network. And because of that - a Master node is PAID to do so, as all Master nodes are rewarded with coins that are mined or minted.

Hosting a Dash Master node generates Dash coins, a Polis Master node generates Polis coins, and a Quaestor Master node, of course, generates Quaestor coins. The earnings varies primarily according to the Master node count and each coin might have different payout periods. Therefore, holding a Master node actually pays you coins every day or week.

As an added bonus, you STILL own & control the coin that you put IN the Master node. We strongly believe this will be the BIG crypto opportunity of 2018 and beyond.

Master nodes are made up of a number of coins. For example, setting up a polis master node requires 1,000 polis coins, a Lightpaycoin master node requires 1,000 Lightpaycoins, a Quaestor master node requires 2,000 quaestor coins, an Apollon master node requires 25,000 Apollon coins, etc. These coins have different prices and this will be shown to you as you read further.

Once a master node is setup, you practically do nothing again for you to start reveiving profits. You are not giving your money to anybody to hold for you. Everything is controlled by you on your computer.


Quaestor Solutions is the company behind master node setup. Quaestor Solutions has made it easy for anybody who's interested in investing in master node to do so without spending too much or paying paying a monthly maintenance fee. The company has put together an automated system known as the "CLICK IT" SYSTEM which allows you to pay a 1 time setup fee for your master nodes.

With the Master Node (MN) "Click It", you can easily create all the Master Nodes you want in a few minutes just by clicking your mouse. You can set up your own Master Node. 

1 time Fee for ALL TIME Masternode setups

Quaestor Solutions Company has put up a setup plan that allows you to pay a 1 time fee for your master node setup. Once you buy a plan, purchase your coins in the market, then your master node would be set up in less than 20 minutes. Below are the package available now.

1 master node setup - 150 Euros

2 master node setup - 300Euros

5 master node set up - 500 Euros

10 msater node set up - 900 Euros

20 master node setup - 1600 Euros

30 master node set up - 2100 Euros

Note: You can setup as many master nodes as you want. The more master nodes you have the more money you make. 

Buying of Coins in the Marketplace

Once you buy one of the master node setup packages above, you head to the marketplace to buy the coins needed to setup the master node. The recommended markets are Crytobridge and Coinexchange. Below are the current prices of the master node coins (the prices fluctuates, so there may be slight changes at the time you want to purchase). All the coins you buy still remain yours and are 100% controlled by you. You may decide to sell them any time you want and make profit from it.

1,000 Polis coins cost about $850 (each coin costs about $0.85)

1,000 Lightpay coins cost about $550 (each coin costs about $0.55)

25,000 Apollon coins cost about $250 (each coin costs about $0.012)

2,000 quaestor coins cost $6000  (each coin costs $3)You can setup 1% of  a shared master node with quaestor coin i.e, you buy just 20 coins to have 1% of a full master node.

Profiting From a Master Node

Each of the master nodes have different amount of coins they pay out daily or weekly as prifit i.e, the ROI varies for each currency's master node. 

Polis Master Node

A Polis master node pays out about 14 polis coins every 3 days. So in a month you get about 140 polis coins. Since a polis coin costs about $0.85, then 140 polis coins equals $119. 

So if you own a polis master node, you recieve a monthly profit of $119. You can set up as many master node as you want.

Lightpaycoin Master Node

A Lightpaycoin master node pays out about 200 Lightpaycoins every month. Since a lightpaycoin costs about $0.55, then 200 coins equals $110.

So if you own a Lightpaycoin master node, you receive a monthly profit of $110. 

Apollon Master Node

With an Apollon master node, you get about 1,630 apollon coins every month. Since an apollon coin costs about $0.019, then you get a monthly profit of about $19.

 Quaestor Master Node

With a quaestor master node, you get paid about 17 quaestor coins every single day. So in a month you get about 510 quaestor coins. Since a quaestor coin costs $3, then 510 quaestor coins equals $1530.

So if you own a quaestor master node, you receive a monthly profit of $1,530.

The good part of quaestor is that you can setup a shared master node as low as 1% of a full master node. 

A Screen Share of my Polis Master Node and my Daily Reward

There is also an affiliate program you can subscribe to with an annual fee of $100. If you join the affiliate program, you get 20% from any package your sponsors buy. There are also exciting bonuses you enjoy as an affiliate. It is a 3 x 3 matrix program and you benefit up to your 5th downline. This is another juicy opportunity I'll like you to seriously consider. But it is never compulsory. 

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