My Affiliate Marketing Journey So Far

I want to welcome you all to my website by writing on my affiliate marketing journey so far.

My name is Justin Owena, a Nigerian by nationality, but I have been to major parts of the world, and I can tell that the world is blessed with amazing people and cultures. Not to derail this topic with my travel experience *winks*, let me jump straight to my affiliate marketing journey.

You see, life is beautiful, but we don’t expect to have a garden of roses all the time. Sometimes, the things we plan for do not always go in our favor. For this reason, I have build myself to receive the beautiful things life has for me (after putting in my finest best), irrespective of my desired choice.

Growing up as a little child, I have had it in mind to serve in the military. At some point in life, I was called “The Soldier Boy” because of my affection for the military. Although my parents were not too comfortable with my decision to serve in the military, they had no choice than to give up their plans for me because of my determination.

To cut some unnecessary talks, after my university degree, I did some office jobs for a period of two years before I finally decided that it was time to pursue what I love to do most.

Just for the sake of those who would want to know, I study physics in the university level, so you can see that I have an amazing brain (lol). I’m just kidding though.

In August 2016, one fateful morning, I was just having a swell time on the internet when I came across an enlistment program into the Nigerian Navy. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but that innate thing in me kept disturbing my soul to pay close attention to the enlistment opportunity.

YES! This is the opportunity I have been waiting for and I must do all it takes to be shortlisted into the Nigerian Navy. You see, getting into the Nigerian Navy is not just a function of your physical abilities. Your mental and intellectual abilities are also equally needed.

I applied for the opportunity as an hydrographer, gathered all the resources I could lay my hands on to become successful in the aptitude test, and I wrote the exam on the date stipulated for it. YES, your guess is as good mine……. I performed excellently in the aptitude test and quite a few of us were invited for the next (and final) stage which involved oral interview and physical fitness test.

To cut the long story short, I was enrolled into the Nigerian Navy in 2017, and this is where the story of my life began.

With so much excitement and enthusiasm, I gathered all the necessary requirements needed for camp and I hit the road. It was an exciting 4 hours journey for me, reminiscing about my dreams right from when I was a kid, and I couldn’t hold back tears (of joy) rolling down my cheek. It was definitely a dream come through for me.

Now, tragedy struck…………. Normally, the camping period was meant to be six months. Just barely two months into the training, myself and a couple of my course mates started having some funny feeling in our body system. It got to point that we could not cope with the tedious training any longer and we were taking to the health center to diagnose what really the problem was. Unfortunately for us, it was Partial Renal Failure.

Due to the fact that the problem wasn’t diagnosed on time, two of my course mates lost their life to this deadly disease. At this point, the remaining of us were scared to death, praying to God to see us through the ordeal.

Fortunately, we were giving first class treatment and after a short time, we became as fit as ever. Did we continue with the military training? Of course not. After the treatment and all, a parade was called by the camp commandant, and we were advised to withdraw from the camp.

After the heartbreak and cry from me and my colleagues, we had no choice than to vacate the training ground. WHAT A LIFE!!! Is this how my dream and aspiration were shattered?

After about two months of feeling bad about my horrific experience, I thought it was necessary to move on with my life and I was grateful to God for not allowing me to waste my life during the course of the training.

The Birth of My Affiliate Marketing Journey

Here's my affiliate marketing journey….

I needed to put behind me all that happened if I truly want to move forward in life. I came across a post on a forum that talked about writing as a freelancer and I picked interest in it. So basically, my online journey started as a freelance writer. I worked on and for about six months before I took the decision of building an online asset for myself.

I spent time and resources developing myself as an affiliate marketer and I can say that it has really paid off for me. Presently, I am an affiliate with JVZoo and WarriorPlus, and the experience so far has been worthwhile. I wouldn’t say that I am a guru now (still far from that), but I now understand how the whole thing works.

I am still learning more on affiliate marketing (especially in MMO and health & fitness niches), and I hope to become one of the big names in the industry pretty soon.

Thanks for going through my affiliate marketing journey, and I hope you draw one or two lessons from my affiliate marketing journey and life experience generally. I wish you guys all the best in your life endeavors also.

Stay joyful,

Justin Owena.

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