My Journey so far into Digital Marketing

My Journey so far into Digital Marketing

This article is simply about my journey so far into digital marketing. I put this together just to let you know a bit about me and what I have been into.

Hello all! Welcome to my blog post, I am Justin Owena. In this write up, I will be revealing to you my journey so far into digital marketing. It’s going to be an interesting one because I’m going to tell you a bit about my life prior to working online. I hope it  thrills and inspires you.

Before going into details, I’ll like to clear the air about my experience. I am still very new to digital marketing and my experience is still fresh but growing as each day passes. So please just take me as I am for now because I know with my passion and determination, I’m going to be one of the top players in the IM (internet marketing) niche.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

So let me start narrating my journey so far into digital marketing……….

A Brief Story About My Work Life Prior To Internet Marketing

Let me start by saying I’m not an American. It is necessary to state this clearly because like myself, I used to think that making money online is hugely tied to being an American. The United States is a great place with tons of opportunities but every human cannot come from that land.

By the Grace of God, I’m a full-fledged Nigerian who has been striving to succeed in whatever I lay my hands on.

I graduated from the university in 2010 with a degree in Physics (second class upper division). So I may not the most brilliant but I know I’m sharp enough to learn whatever I set my mind upon…..LOL.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

Prior to my graduation from the university, I had always wanted to serve in the Military. I could still remember vividly when I was a kid, I used to compel my parents to get me toy guns and military khaki just to look like a soldier. They even call me the soldier boy……

Some months after completing my degree program, I went for my National Youth Service Scheme for 1 year. I don’t know if this is done in your country but in mine, you have to go through a mandatory 1 year National service for you to be qualified to work in any organization.

Fast forward to 2012, I completed the program. Lest I forget, during my 1 year service, I was posted to a rural community where I taught in a secondary (high) school. I handled Mathematics and Physics and I must say my experience with the students was worthwhile.

My First Job In An Engineering Company

Two months after rounding up my Service, I got a job with an Engineering Company (S3G Engineering Company). Although the salary was small (about $250/month), I was so grateful and happy because the rate of unemployment in my country is on a yearly increase.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

I worked in the firm for about 2 years plus and I was able to gather tons of experience in the process. Though I knew I wasn’t going to work with the Company for a long time. When it comes to choosing a career, all I ever wanted for myself is to either become a military officer or a boss to myself.

In 2014, I was surfing the internet in my office when I came across a job advertisement about the Nigerian Navy. My heart skipped at first and I had a playback of how I have craved to join the Military. With joy in my heart, I did all the necessary things needed to be done and I applied successful to join the Nigerian Navy as a Hydrographer.

In Nigeria, joining the Navy or any of the Military Forces is very strict and you must be very sound academically with some few connections to be able to be enlisted.

To cut the story short, of all the thousands of people that applied for the position, just two of us were taking from my State. There are 36 States in Nigeria, so all together about 72 of us were enlisted into the Nigerian Navy. I think one of the most joyful days in my life was the day I saw my name as one of those shortlisted into the Nigerian Navy. But the joy didn’t last for so long…..

Tragedy Set In

In life, I have come to understand that everybody has a destiny. You may be craving to become something in life but if it’s different from what your destiny says, the journey becomes rough.

About a month into my training in the Nigerian Navy Command Camp, I started feeling feverish and my body system began to change for the bad. I was kind of confused and bitter because I knew I was 100% sound before entering the camp.

Two days passed and the whole thing deteriorated and I had to seek for medical help. After visiting the health center, I was diagnosed with renal failure. I cried the hell out because I had never heard of such in my life. To even make it worse, about 20 other cadets where rushed to the hospital and diagnosed of the same problem.

It was one of the saddest experience in my life because I lost 3 of my course mates during the treatment process. Luckily for the 17 of us remaining, the kidney failure has not gotten to a chronic state so it was easy for us to be treated.

I believed I was now very fit to join up with my colleagues to continue training but my heart was broken when our commandant called for a parade. After so many talks and encouragement from him (The Commandant), we were told that we can no longer carry on with the training because of our health status.

At this point, the world could no longer contain me because my dream and aspiration has just been shattered!!!!!!!!! Where do I start from here was the first question that came to my mind. My parents were expecting to see their son come out as a Sub. Lieutenant, instead he came out with Sub. Renal Failure (LOL). I can laugh over it now because I’ve gotten over it but I pray that none of you experience what I went through.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing: The Way Forward in Life

Although it took me some time to get up on my feet, there is this force in me that never gives up no matter the situation I pass through. I believe when one door closes, it gives room to other amazing opportunity. This is where my journey so far into digital marketing started.

Lest I forget, I am now fully fit and looking boisterous but my dream to become a Military officer has dwindled…..

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

After returning home from camp depressed and devastated, it took me about 1 month to fully put myself together.

Before then, I never knew you can actually earn money online until I came across a post on Nairaland, the most popular online forum in Nigeria. My life gradually stated having a meaning again.

In the post, I came across a website called It is an online marketplace that deals on virtually everyone can make money from..

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

I was determined to go through the site and start earning money from it. To be honest with you, nothing good comes easy and is not an exception.

If you are not determined, patient and optimistic then I will tell you never to think about making money online. Did I just say making money online? In fact, If you lack those virtues you will find it difficult to be successful in life.

Becoming a Freelance Writer

After doing all the registration on freelancer, I chose to go into writing. To gain good skills on writing, I took my time to enroll for some good courses on Udemy. With the Udemy platform, I can learn whatever I set my mind on because there is virtually nothing you want to learn that you won't find on the platform.

Yes, competition is fierce when it comes to making money but if you know your way you sure are going to make it online.

I could remember the first writing gig I got. It was a 500-word article for $3. I was so happy about it not only because I got it but because I got a 5 star review as well. The client became a loyal one and I began to flourish in article/blog writing and other forms of writing.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

One thing that almost stood as an obstacle to me was how to receive my earnings. Whenever people talk about receiving money online the first thing they mention is Paypal. No doubt, Paypal is the most popular way of receiving funds online but unfortunately, Nigerians are not allowed to receive funds through Paypal. We can only use it for online shopping.

But did this obstacle stopped me from working online? No way! After making much research on how to receive money online, I came across two platforms that are suitable for Nigerians; Payoneer and Skrill. I still use them to receive money.

Upgrading to a Profitable and Passive Income Stream

After working as a freelance writer for about 2 years I became bored about the whole thing. This is not because money wasn’t coming in but simply because I felt I was a waste my resources. How is it a waste? I discovered that for each article I write, I get paid for it quite alright but after that you have no business with the content.

What this implies is that if you don’t write articles for 2 days, you won’t get any pay for those days. I wasn't comfortable with the idea because I know I can post all these articles in my website and make money from a single post regularly. My quest for digital marketing started from that moment.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

After making lots or research on how to go about starting internet marketing, I discovered it is the best way out for me. Since I can write, it makes everything easier and worthwhile for me.

I spent a lot of money trying to lay hands on useful materials but it was not forthcoming. First was how to build a well optimized website. The first place I checked was Udemy. Though I got useful resources from there, but the goal I set for myself was not forthcoming. I kept on digging on for the right resources and it took me some months before I got what I wanted. The solution to my quest was Marc Gray.

My Encounter with Marc Gray – The Wolf of Online Marketing

My journey so far into digital marketing has a lot to do with Marc Gray. I have come across a lot of super digital marketers but I have never come across one that’s as honest as Gray.

I received an email from a marketer trying to promote a product. At first, I was less interested in checking out the mail. I even wanted to trash it but something said to me that I should just read the content before trashing the mail. I did, it was talking about how to rank on the first page of Google. I know if I can get to the first page of Google I will certainly make money. But how honest could these marketers be? I thought to myself.

My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing
My Journey So Far Into Digital Marketing

After checking out the price for the product (I think it was about $10), I decided to give it a try. That product is known as Traffic Victory by Marc Gray. This is the best resources I have laid my hands on in my journey so far into digital marketing. I hope to get better ones as I keep progressing in my quest for success.

This guy took his time to take me by the hands on how to build an off-page and on-page well optimized website and some tricks to rank on search engines. This was my turning point……..

I wouldn’t say I’m getting the best results I wanted, but I’m convinced that with this useful knowledge I have, there is absolutely nothing to stop my success in online marketing. I have created some pretty good reviews such as the PixelModo Review and Videosly Review and they are doing fine on search engines.


Concluding my journey so far into digital marketing, all I can say is that I’m on the right track to greater height. It may take some time to get to where I want, but I know with determination, perseverance and hard work, I will definitely get there.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this piece, if you have any contributions to add or have any questions to ask feel free to comment below. No question or suggestion is stupid. We all are on a learning curve.

Once again, thank you.

Justin Owena

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  1. Hello
    I read and was deeply moved by your article. I am convinced that you will do great in internet marketing. Your toughness is obviously breathtaking. If there is anything I can help you with if I know how I will. Feel free to give me a shout.

    • Thanks a lot David for your encouragement and believe in me. I have started getting positive results thanks to you for your assistance on FaceBook

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