Quaestor Solutions Review: This is coming from an Insider

Quaestor Solutions Review

In this quaestor solutions review, I’m going to take you step by step on everything you need to know about this company. I am an insider already so you should expect factual details from me.

Have you heard of bitcoin at any point in your life? Of course I presume your answer to be yes because bitcoin is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is becoming popular as the day goes by. I could still remember when bitcoin was launched some few years ago, so many people played down the idea and called it all manner of names.

There was even a time one bitcoin sold for $30. But now, you have to spend about $7,000 to get a bitcoin. Just imagine you owning 20 bitcoins some 4 – 5 years ago, the profit you’d have made from them today would definitely be out the world.

You will agree with me that with the way the world is going digital, it is eminent that cryptocurrencies will definitely become the globally acceptable currency in the near future.

Now, just like the bitcoin, there are other altcoins (alternative coins) that are been mined in the crypto world. Some of the notable coins before now include Linda, Apollon, Polis, etc. Now, that the QUASETOR coin has come into the scene, hence the birth of Quaestor Solutions.

Quaestor Solutions Review
Quaestor Solutions Review

Quaestor Solutions Review: What Quaestor Solution Company is all about

Quaestor Solutions is a company that offers a list of mouthwatering services. I shall be breaking them into simpler units for easy understanding.

#1 Masternode Setup

If you are in the crypto space already you should know what a masternode is. In the crypto world, before any exchange of coins can take place, they need to be verified and approved by the blockchain. Now, the blockchain functions with the help of these masternodes to help verify transaction. Let me use the banking industry to illustrate clearer.

Assuming you want to send or receive money from a friend or family member, you go to the bank, present all necessary documents, and a check would be carried out to ascertain the authenticity of your claim. If all your documents are authentic, the bank pays you your money correctly.

And for the bankers that help in verifying your transactions, they get paid at the end of every month for their services. This is exactly how the masternodes function in the crypto world.

Here, the “bankers” are the masternodes. The masternodes helps the blockchain to verify the authenticity of crypto transactions. If everything goes well, the transaction goes through. But if there is any uncertainty in the transaction, the blockchain blocks the transaction.

So just as bankers receive their salaries at the end of every month, masternodes owners receive monthly benefits from crypto transcations that takes place every month. I hope you are getting a clearer picture of how the masternodes work now?

Now, setting up a masternode could cost you a fortune. There are a lot of things you need to get in place before you could set up a masternode. I bet you wouldn’t want to go through the time and money involved.

Quaestor Solutions Review
Quaestor Solutions Review

However, Quaestor Solutions are offering to set up your masternode(s) for free depending on the package you opt for.

Where does the profits come from when I set up a masternodes?

Quaestor Solutions Company can set up masternodes for you from the following coins:

  • Quaestor
  • Linda
  • Apollon
  • Polis

Let me use one of the coins above to explain where the profits come from.

The Quaestor Masternodes

At the launch of quaestor, each coin will be valued at $3. A masternode set up comprises of 2,000 quaestor coins. That is, 2,000 coins will give you one masternodes.

Since masternodes are used for the verification of crypto transaction, a daily percentage of all the transactions made in a day is given to a masternode owner.

So if you own a masternode in quaestor coin, you get a daily profit of about 17 quaestor coins. So let’s do the simple mathematics below:

If you get about 17 coins daily, then in a month you will receive 17 * 30 = 510 coins

The price of each coin at launch is $3. This price is determined by the market, and it is very possible for the price to shoot up.

So if the price of the coin is $3 and you get about 510 coins monthly, then your monthly profit becomes:

$3 * 510 = $1530

So in each month you earn a passive income of $1530 for owning just 1 masternode. Imagine owning 5 masternodes, then your monthly pay will be about $8000.

What if the price of the quaestor coins shoots up to say $10? You get about $5000 monthly from just a single masternode.

Quaestor solutions review
Quaestor solutions review

#2 Quaestor Trading Bot

This is another great feature that Quaestor Solutions offer. Unlike other trading bots, the quaestor bot is designed in such a way that it will profit you. Once you invest your coins into the bot, it is certain that you will get monthly profit from it.

The bot buys coins for you when the price of coins drop and sells when the price go high. It will never sell your coin when the price is low so you are not going to experience any loss.

There is a monthly fee you pay for using this bot, but the profit you make from it will definitely cover for that.

#3 The Referral Program

I know that majority of the people hate referral program, including me. When I was about to join Quaestor Solutions, the first question I asked was, “I hope it’s not just a referral program”?

So just like me, you may not like doing referrals, but the benefits you get from this referral program is absolutely out of this world.

Before I talk about the benefits of the referral program, let me talk about the investment packages that are on ground already.

Plan 1: 200 euros / 235 dollars Package (Best Value)

Under this plan, you get 2 masternodes set up for you free + 2 years of membership. You know, aside paying for masternode set up, there is also a monthly fee you pay. But once you subscribe for this plan, the company can set up 2 masternodes for you for free, and you won’t pay for any fee for the next two years.

Plan 2: 100euros / 120 dollars Package

Under this plan, you get just 1 masternode set up for you free + 1 year of membership. That is, you won’t have to pay for any fee for the next one year.

Benefits of the referral program

Now that you know the two packages that are available, we can talk about the benefits of the referral program.

Note: For you to enjoy referral benefits, you must refer 3 persons within 14 days from when you join the company.

Now, if you join through the $235 package, for everyone you introduce to the company, you get 25% of their initial investment. So if you introduce Mr. A and he joins through your referral link and subscribed to the $235 plan, you get about $58.

So for your first 3 referral in 14 days, you receive about $175 which is 75% of your initial investment. You can introduce as many people as you want and get 25% from the plan they join.

Also, for the $235 package, you get free 100 quaestor coins for every person you refer to the platform. Each of the coins is worth $3, so you get $300 worth of value for every referral. But unfortunately, you stop getting the free coins when the company launches on the 30th of September.

For the $120 package, the referral benefits are similar to the first package, but with just little difference. You get 25% of referral’s initial investment. You also get 40 free coins per referral, but this stops when the company launches on the 30th of September.

Since the referral program is in matrix, you get a certain percentage of bonus down to your 5th downline. This could fetch you up to $3000 – $5000 passively in the future. But once you miss out of referring 3 persons within 14 days from joining, then you miss out of the whole referral package forever.

Proof of earning from my upline

Quaestor Solutions Review
Quaestor Solutions Review

From the screenshot above, the fast start bonus is what you get from referring people to the company. You get them in form of bitcoin. 0.18907320 btc is over 1,200 USD. You can also see the quaestor coins of 6417 on the fourth column. Each coin is worth $3, so 6417 * 3 = $19,250. All these are gotten from just referring people. We are still in the pre-launch stage so the coins are not yet available for purchase. So don't think that those coins were bought. You can't buy quaestor coins now until when the company launches on the 30th of September.

If you decide to set up masternodes with the coins above, this is what you get;

You need 2000 coins to set up a masternode, and since there are 6000+ coins on the screenshot above, that means we can set up at least 3 masternodes.

Each masternode makes you a passive income of about $1500 monthly,

Therefore, 3 masternodes are worth $4,500 monthly.

All these are gotten from referring 26 people to the company. But you stop receiving free coins once the company launches.

Is the Quaestor Solutions a scam?

Before I joined this company, I read a lot of reviews online talking about the program. You know what, a lot of people out there who write reviews about products and programs barely have full knowledge about them. They base their judgment on what they read or hear. I was kind of reluctant in joining the program, but the number of people I trust that are in the company, I took the bull by the horns.

And you know what? Nobody is holding your money for you. Everything the company does is encoded in the blockchain, so you have full control of it from your desktop or computer.

Joining the company

You join the company through a sponsor, and I am one of the sponsors in the company. I will be sharing my referral link below so that you can join through me. There are about two Facebook groups and I will include you once you join. In this groups, you will learn more about the company and we will also show you how to get your 3 referrals within 14 days. Below is my referral link if you want to join:

Click here to join quaestor solutions

My Skype ID: dafowens1

Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/dafowen

You can contact after joining so I can include you in the groups (very important) or you can contact me if you are having any difficulty joining the company. You can also contact me for any questions.


I believe in this Quaestor Solutions review, I have covered majority of the things you need to know about the company. It is your responsibility to go through the post and see if the investment is your kind of thing. I will definitely recommend it to you because I am already inside and I can see the future of the company.

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