The Gazania, SingHaiYi Condo: Another Amazing Launch of the Century

With the hustling and bustling experienced in virtually all the big cities, getting a serene and beautiful environment to live has become quite difficult. However, with the launch of The Gazania, SingHaiYi, your worry is over because this location will blow your mind away.

We shall be covering every important aspect of The Gazania, SingHaiYi as you read on.

An overview of The Gazania

The Gazania condominium is a new residential area that is launched in 2018. The name was derived from flower, which is almost a normal tradition that is practiced in Singapore. This 5-storey building is situated in a serene environment that is void of high population density. The landscape is breathtaking and it gives room for gardens for elegance.

Unlike other condominium, The Gazania, SingHaiYi is easily accessible, just five minute walk to a MRT station. If you are considering to live in a serene and beautiful environment, the best bet for you is The Gazania condo.

The Developer of The Gazania condo

The Gazania condo is being built by SingHaiYi Group Limited. It is one of the top-notch real estate companies located in Singapore with a reasonable years of experience. They cover everything that pertains to real estate and extend their services across the Asian continent.

Their services include real estate development, property management, and investment. Through the years, the company has built a solid portfolio in residential, commercial and retail assets.

The developer of Gazania condo has completed a reasonable number of projects within Singapore alone.

Where is The Gazania, SingHaiYi located?

The Gazania condo is situated in district 19, 5A How Sun Drive. This location is one of the most comfortable in Singapore, close to Orchard Road. Also, the distance from this location to the Central Business District is reasonably close.

Amenities and facilities to enjoy in The Gazania Condo

With the number of amenities and facilities available in The Gazania, SingHaiYi, it is normal that your standard of living will improve. Below are some of the amenities offered around Gazania:

Shopping Mall

You don’t have to worry about getting your family needs because there are tons of malls present around this condo. Some of them include OneKM and NEX Mall.

Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Stores

Of course, no one wants to stay in an area where there is little or no health care services. The Gazania, SingHaiYi has a number of reputable heath care facilities to cater for your health. The Parkway East Hospital, Unity Living Pharmacy, and Unity Family Medicine Clinic are all located around Gazania.


The location of this condo makes it very easy to access high standard schools. If you are a parent with young kids, there are tons of good schools to enroll your kids. The distance from the Gazania condo to most of these schools is about 1km. You can access primary, secondary and tertiary schools from Gazania.


There is good transport system in place, such as the Bartley MRT, Central Expressway, and Pan Island Expressway.

Living in Gazania, SingHaiYi is a dream everyone would like to experience, thanks to the amazing features that surround it!

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