The Jui Residences – A Magnificent Condominium With Exciting Features

The Jui Residences

It is the dream of everyone to have their home or office located in an environment that is beautiful and void of noise. The Jui Residences is one of those few places around the world that offers you all-round comfort. Read on to find out what this magnificent building entails.

A brief story about the developer

The Jui Residences is a condominium that was developed by Selangor Dredging Berhad. SDB is a Malaysian company that is not limited to working in Malaysia alone. They have spent a considerable amount of years in real estate, building up a reputation that is worthwhile.

The company was birthed in the 60’s, and it started as a mining company. After spending two prosperous decades in the mining industry, they decided to diversify and one the field they ventured into was property development.

In 1985, their first property was developed and it is known as the Wisma Selangor Dredging. Thereafter, it has been success upon success for the company. And with the recent development of The Jui Residences, no doubt, they are one of the best property developers the world has ever known.

Where is The Jui Residences Located?

Geographically, The Jui Residences is located at 1177 Serangoon Road, Singapore. The building used to be a two-storey industrial building managed by National Aerated Water Company. The Jui condo is situated close to the Kallang River, having a land mass of about 31,700 sq. ft. it has an average of 117 apartments.

Amenities and facilities of Jui Condo

You never cease to get bored staying in Jui Residences because the environment alone is pleasing to the eyes. One location you will find interesting to visit is the Serangoon Garden. It is such a nice place where you can spend some quality time with friends and family. There are other recreational centers around Jui Residences where you can have swell time with your kids.

What makes Jui condominium a perfect location? Transportation will never be an issue because it is located close to a MRT station. The building sits in the heart of both recreational centers and commercial malls. There are tons of shopping malls to get your daily needs so you don’t have to stress yourself driving far.

Other amenities near by

The developer of the condo put virtually everything in mind when choosing a location for the building. There are a number of good quality schools around the Jui Residences. If you have a family with kids, getting good schools for them won’t be something to worry about because you have them around your home.

Your health is also a vital issue that was considered. There are good hospitals and clinics around the Jui condo that will attend to your health.

With all the plans and infrastructures situated in and around Jui Residences, it will be difficult to find a place that is more exciting and welcoming than this condo.

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