Toe Fungus Treatment – Proven Method

Toe fungus treatment is the major issue we are about to discuss in this article.

Toe fungus treatment is our major focus, but it is essential that we look at some major factors surrounding toenail fungus,
Before jumping into toenail treatment, it is essential that we have an overview of toenail fungus.

Toe Fungus Treatment
Toe Fungus Treatment

What is Toe Fungus?

I think the name alone is self-explanatory. It is a fungal infection that affects your toenail. Another name for this infection is Onychomycosis.
In case you are desperate to know which doctor is responsible for handling such infection, they are known as Podiatrists.

Toe Fungus Treatment
Toe Fungus Treatment

I am so eager to write about toe fungus treatment because I have had an experience with it at one point in my life. Although there is no pain associated with it in most cases , it has a way of affecting your self-esteem.
I wasn't feeling any need to treat the infection until I went to the beach with my cousins. While at the beach, I noticed people looking at my feet each time they walk passed. I still was unperturbed about it until I got a “sorry” look from one naughty guy. I felt ashamed and quickly ran to my backpack to get my shoes on. I never exposed my feet again because I began to feel there was something not right with my toenail. This was the beginning of my quest for toe fungus treatment.
(You will see toe fungus treatment below shortly)

Toe Fungus Treatment
Toe Fungus Treatment

What Causes Toe Fungus?

As it is widely said, ignorance is the greatest enemy of man. Until we understand fully what is responsible for toenail fungus, we may keep treating it forever. While searching for toe fungus treatment some years ago, I read about some people's experience. The major thing they complained about is the recurrence of the symptoms even after extensive treatment. This is because they keep getting in contact with the cause of the infection.
For this reason, we need to know what causes toenail fungus so we don't keep repeating treatment over and over.


Dermatophyte is a fungal organism that thrives where there is keratin. In case you don't know, keratin is one of the major constituents of your nails.
Dermotophytes cause about 90% of toenail infection. Some of these organisms include Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum. These organisms are very stubborn and enjoy being in a damp and dark environment. This may give you a clue why Onychomycosis is more rampant with toenail than fingernail.


A lot of people don't know this. Yeast is also one of the causes of nail fungus. An example of yeast that causes Onychomycosis is Candida spp., and it responsible for over 6% of nail fungal infection. Your fingernails are more suseptible to nail infection caused by yeast than your toenail.

Non dermatophyte Mould

Aside dermatophytes, non dermatophyte moulds cause about 3% of nail fungus infection. Example of these moulds include Acremonium, Aspergillus, Scopulariopsis, Fusarium and Scytalidium. It is quite rare for these moulds to affect fingernails.
Are Toenail Fungus Infection Contagious?
I have heard people say that this fungus is contagious, but I hardly believe it. Because of the common nature of the infection, most people think it can be passed from one person to another. For toe fungus to be transmitted, the two parties must be in an intimate contact over a period of time.

What Are The Symptoms Of Toe Fungus Infection

As stated earlier, in most cases, no pain is associated with this infection, but it makes you less confident.
The most obvious symptom is a discoloration (yellow, white or brown) of your toenails. It may spread throughout your toenails and cause them to crack or thicken.
I bet the experience is not something I will wish for anyone. It kind of disfigures the toenails and I'm not sure if anyone would be proud of looking at it.
The good news is that there are toe fungus treatment that are proven to work faster and effectively. Let's now touch on the various toe fungus treatment that are available.

Toe Fungus Treatment
Toe Fungus Treatment

Toe Fungus Treatment

Some people see no reason searching for toe nail treatment, especially if it's a mild one. As for mine, I lived with it for over two years until I saw the need to deal with it.
I believe for you to have visited this page, it is your desire to deal with the infection.
In cases of severe pain and distress, you may have to visit your pharmacist or GP so they can look deeply into the issue.
That said, there are countless numbers of ways to handle toe fungus treatment. While majority of them work, you might lose your patience waiting to see results using some methods. I have seen people used home remedies and they got some level of results in few months. But in my case, I wasn't lucky with home remedies.
Also, there are good number oral anti-fungal drugs such as fluconazole and terbinafine that are suitable for toe fungus treatment. But the downsides with these drugs are severe side effects which may include dizziness, jaundice, stomach upset, and even skin problems.
Another method a few set of people choose is the surgery option. During my time, I didn't consider this option for once because it sounded too complicated for me.
The laser treatment is another good way to completely destroy the fungus, but it may cost you a fortune.

Toe Fungus Treatment
Toe Fungus Treatment

My Toe Fungus Treatment

In my case, using an anti fungal solution was what worked best for me. There is no side effects for whatsoever, and you start seeing amazing results within weeks. There are a number of toe fungus treatment solutions in the marketplace, but some are more effective than others.
So you may want to consider using an anti fungal solution for your toe fungus treatment. It is very effective and takes less time before you start seeing good results.

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