Trade Data – The Secret Sauce of Successful Exporters

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Data is the new Oil?’

Well, if you are an aspiring exporter, eager to get a grasp of what the market entails and establish your footing, the one thing you must understand is how the Pros are doing it. You need trade secrets that the top-ranking pros use to dominate the markets, especially how they exploit trade data to create a potential market report, buyer report, price analysis, supplier report, and many more subtle details.

Here’s some of the benefits of trade data used by successful exporters to dominate the market:

Trade data helps to constantly explore new potential markets

It’s not a lie that being an exporter today is a hugely daunting and overwhelming role. This role demands that one is always smart, dynamic and in the know since newer and better opportunities that emerge are snapped up as soon as they emerge.

The essence of constantly exploring virgin or newly discovered markets as an exporter is to ensure a smooth, problem-free exporting of your goods. You will save your business lots of expenses as a result of export regulations before you start shipping.

So, the secret to being ahead of the pack all the time as an exporter is to always rely on factual trade data to give you more clues about the market. This is one of the things the successful ones do that put them at the fore front of the chart.

With trade data, you can constantly hunt for new and more profitable buyers

Getting newer clients as an exporter is the cause of worry, especially among the newbies and those who are yet to get established. But this problem basically is what differentiates the seasoned exporters who rack in billions of dollars every year. The real difference is the “How” or rather the way successful exporters manage to get new buyers all the time through trade report!

Through factual trade data, you can easily attract more profitable buyers all the time. How is this possible? The principle behind this is that these data help you to identify products that are demanded the most in a particular region, thus telling you the best place to venture.

Trade data keeps you abreast with the latest in market prices and flow of the market

Well, this is obvious and it’s very easy to do given the ease of accessing information nowadays. But still, you will find that rarely do successful exporters get caught unawares in price changes. With the help of trade data, exporters can effectively analyze potential markets, checking the flow and prevailing prices, and tracking and monitoring competition activities. This will help to broaden your scope and help you to easily identify products to diversify.

Trade data makes your business flexible and you can aptly diversify when trade waves change

This, however, isn’t an idea that an exporter who is new in the game can skillfully pull, unless when he/she is guided by factual trade data obtained from professional global trading researchers. A seasoned exporter who has realized success knows when one product no longer sells and will not fear to jump ship and deal in something that sells better.

However, when there’s real trade data that predicts what the next ‘hot product’ is, diversifying becomes a snap. Diversification based on factual, data-rich export statistics and export reports on respective product becomes easy to execute since it will be a risk-free move. With trade data, exporters can easily carry out export-import analysis to identify the products that sell best and where profitable buyers are.

You can track your competitors using trade intelligence reports

Exports business is a vicious battle where anyone without market data may not survive. In fact, it may become rarely possible to get to a particular market if you work with non-factual trade data. So, in this context still, not just data, but factual details that will help in decision making. Remember, the export-import business is quite unforgiving and losses can be hefty and costly.

Finally, large, profit-making exporters proactively track their buyers with trade data

Insightful and actionable trade data play a crucial role here. You will find a company specializing in trade report and global export import data going above and beyond to ensure that each report reflects the consumer’s mood. This is done using regular buyer reports submitted to the exporter.

Concluding this article, one can say that the importance of trade data to an exporter can never in any way be overemphasized. These data help to create a potential market report, price analysis report, buyer report, supplier report, etc. thus taking your business to a more profitable level.

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